“As for walking around stupas, the stupa is your body and mind. When your awareness circles your body and mind without stopping, this is called walking around a stupa. The sages of long ago followed this path to nirvana. But people today don’t understand what this means. Instead of looking inside they insist on looking outside. They use their material bodies to walk around material stupas. And they keep at it day and night, wearing themselves out in vain and coming no closer to their real self.”
– Bodhidharma, 515 CE

Yiquan basic skills

yi quan kung fu revolution

Yiquan – Collection of Essays

Zhan Zhuang Qiqong

internal gung fu

Fragrant Qigong

Eight Pieces of Brocade


Qi Gong Exercises

Taijiquan 48 form

Reflex violence – Erle Montaigue, kickass lectures. youtube segments were cool.

Xingyi Quan Ba Zi Gong Yingyong – eight character skills

White Crane Gung-fu

Wing Chun Chi-Kung

Holding the Sword – nihon-to


Zen and Martial Arts

Old Sword Play – european



accelerated battlefield combatives

If in governing the body one cherishes one’s breath, the body will be complete.


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