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  good links. explainations on the text. The Oxherding pictures (text) 1. The search for the bull In the pasture of this world, I endlessly push aside the tall grasses in search of the bull. Following unnamed rivers, lost upon … Continue reading

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sit seiza. the neck back so far the ears hurt. strong eyes, warm feet, cool head. it’s all about staying young and warm. i need to move. smoke and her lips. soft billows. there’s a cat’s face on her t-shirt. … Continue reading

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  Expositions of Insights Into The Practice of The Thirteen Postures by Wu Yu-hsiang (Wu Yuxian) (1812 – 1880) The hsin [mind-and-heart] mobilizes the ch’i [vital life energy]. Make the ch’i sink calmly; then the ch’i gathers and permeates the … Continue reading

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i thought of a friend of mine…   i’d like to be… a way of movement rather a portrayal of character. flow. stillness in movement. che’n sung realx completely. xie-xie tohei. seek the released mind. a path to the realization … Continue reading

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tu es mahamudra to rest in shamatha is one-pointedness. to terminate assumptions is the stage of simplicity to transcend the duality of accepting and abondoning is the stage of one-taste. to perfect experience is the stage of non-meditation. nirmanakoya … Continue reading

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