गते गते पारगते पारसंगते बोधि स्वाहा

“The universe and its inhabitants are as ephemeral as the clouds in the sky.
Beings being born and dying are like a spectacular dance or drama show.
The duration of our lives is like a flash of lightning or a fireflyʹs brief twinkle.
Everything passes like the flowing waters of a steep waterfall.”

Welcome sleep
More welcome the sleep of stone
Whilst crime and shame continue in the land;
My happy fortune, not to see or hear;
Wake me not – in mercy, whisper low.
-Michelangelo Buonarroti

“Elevate your experience and remain wide open like the sky. Expand your mindfulness and remain pervasive like the earth. Steady your attention and remain unshakable like a mountain. Brighten your awareness and remain shining like a flame. Clear your thoughtfree wakefulness and remain lucid like a crystal.”
-Takpo Tashi Namgyal, Clarifying the Natural State

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