1-2-1-1-hook (Philly shell)


Bout Strageties for Boxing (from West Point’s Intramural Boxing Coach’s Guide  2001/02)
 – Be prepared to box at full speed for the entire three rounds. Be warmed up well, start fast, and try to get in the first punch.

     Against sluggers
1. Rely principally on straight punches.
2. Move constantly.
3. Attack suddenly.
4. Don’t slug with him.

     Against a jabber or tall opponent
1. Move inside the jab.
2. Once inside keep punching.
3. Make extensive use of the right hook over the jab and the straight right to the body.
4. Keep pressure on him.

     Against an Opposite-handed Opponent
1. Move away from his rear, or power, hand.
2. Best weapon is a cross.
3. Do not fight his way – if he wants you to lead, wait; if he wants to lead, go to him.
4. A lead-hand hook may be a good weapon, but a jab is generally of not much value, use a
double jab.
5. Keep your lead high nullify his jab hand.

     Against a counter-puncher
1. Do not lead with single punches.
2. Try to make him lead.
3. Punch in series and then get out.
4. Attack suddenly.

     Against a man who boxes from a crouch
1. He’ll probably throw mostly hooks.
2. Move constantly.
3. Step in with straight one-twos.
4. Hold your hands relatively wide apart.

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