tu es mahamudra


to rest in shamatha is one-pointedness.
to terminate assumptions is the stage of simplicity
to transcend the duality of accepting and abondoning is the stage of one-taste.
to perfect experience is the stage of non-meditation.


camp factor, aside, the animation here sucks.
big o was really cool, though. 


Wind, flag, mind moves.
The same understanding.
When the mouth opens
All are wrong.
– mumon on  a koan

“If you place it in the body, this is not correct. If you separate it from the body and search for it outside the body, this is also not correct.”

breathe. there is nothing. grass growing.

breathing is the only thing that keeps me here.
alive in moment of found joy
absorbing what i’d fear i’d never find.
through the thoughts of dark contrary
…one can do so well  living.
there is little more but people we affect
     else god, there is naught but peace and silence.


i refuse to be again.
the idea of re-incarnation bother’s me to fuck-all.
i’d rather float…

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