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art an philosophy

  Expositions of Insights Into The Practice of The Thirteen Postures by Wu Yu-hsiang (Wu Yuxian) (1812 – 1880) The hsin [mind-and-heart] mobilizes the ch’i [vital life energy]. Make the ch’i sink calmly; then the ch’i gathers and permeates the … Continue reading

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Snowbird Sonata

  Snowbird Sonata It sounds awkward when people say death is a part of life. But, when you think about it, isn’t death more a part of life than birth? Abortion, miscarriage…being born at all is a really just dumb … Continue reading

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it’s not real.

    the salvation-giving knowledge of the unreality of the world.   105th Chorus Jack Kerouac   Essence is like absence of reality, Just like absence of non-reality Is the same essence anyhow.   Essence is what sunlight is At the same time that … Continue reading

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i thought of a friend of mine…   i’d like to be… a way of movement rather a portrayal of character. flow. stillness in movement. che’n sung realx completely. xie-xie tohei. seek the released mind. a path to the realization … Continue reading

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  Gouki and Genki The Nio are the guardians of the Buddha. Agyō 阿形 (mouth open)  and Ungyō 吽形 (mouth closed) ah and un Death Zen, encouraging people to meditate on and in the forms of buddhist iconagraphy. He stressed … Continue reading

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tu es mahamudra to rest in shamatha is one-pointedness. to terminate assumptions is the stage of simplicity to transcend the duality of accepting and abondoning is the stage of one-taste. to perfect experience is the stage of non-meditation. nirmanakoya … Continue reading

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  logan is a schizophrenic rageaholic. which is understandable, since he grew up as a sickly bitch (many sifu was also sickly as kids), freaked out into an comatic amnesia and doesn’t grow a pair until he looses his mind again with … Continue reading

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